recognizes that the soul of who we are was given to us at birth, but is molded throughout our lives based upon our experiences. While these experiences are unique to each of us alone, there are facts and truths that apply to everyone. Recognizing that the conversations among Sentient Observers will bring together the perspectives of many, SO promises to:

1. Always speak honestly, with kindness, consideration, respect, and integrity;

2. Address issues based on facts;

3. Recognize and accept cognitive dissonance: two opposing facts can be both be true at the same time without one being more right than the other;

4. Rely on history, science, psychology, and sociology to support relevant, modern stories of the society we live in;

5. Build relationships based on common ground;

6. Stay focused on the ultimate goal to solve problems, rather than the details that don’t matter;

7. Bring people together by helping us understand one another better;

8. Focus on protecting the mind, body, and soul, such that one lives with a sense of peace within themselves;

9. Remain calm at all times;

10. Discuss what was learned by an event, rather than just report the event; and


Sentient Observer is not like any other blog, e-magazine, or talk show. Just because certain techniques work to gain an audience for another outlet, does not mean it works for Sentient Observers. Therefore, there are some things that we promise not to do. SO will not:

1. Label people to box them into an ideology: Democrat vs Republican, Conservative vs Liberal, Science vs. Religion, Men vs Women, Black vs White;

2. Be an inflammatory source of information: no relying on pushing overly charged emotional buttons to tell a story or gain readership;

3. Engage with erratic, irresponsible, profane, or insane people; and

4. Require others to accept our beliefs before acknowledging and appreciating our common ground.


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