The Numbers Say Give a Valentine’s Day Gift

Are you wondering if you should give a gift on Valentine’s Day? Numbers do not lie, and the Valentine’s Day stats say something is better than nothing no matter what she tells you.


Knowing what to do on Valentine’s Day can be a puzzle, especially for men. With 85% of all cards given coming from women, they seem to get off the hook easy. Men on the other hand tend to weigh the options more. There is a lot for them to consider.

She said she does not believe in Valentine’s Day, but did she really mean it when she told me not to get her anything? Have we been dating long enough for flowers, or should I stick to a box of candy? I know she wants to go out for a nice dinner, but Valentine’s Day is so hectic and it is on a Saturday this year. It will be much worse than usual.

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday or something to celebrate, the numbers indicate that it is probably a good idea to do something. Americans spend $13,900,000,000. Yep, you are seeing it correctly. That is billions of dollars spent on Valentine’s Day alone. Broken down to per person, the average amount spent is $116.21. No wonder businesses hear the chink chink of chaching in their ears as Valentine’s Day approaches.

With 61.8% of Americans stating they will do something to celebrate Valentine’s Day, any business that can creatively link itself to romance for at least one day would be crazy not to dangle a carrot (or carat) in front of your nose. 53% of women state they will end a relationship if they do not receive anything. With that figure, any man in a relationship would be crazy if he did not at least visit a card shop for his special Valentine.

If you have waited until the last minute, you probably do not have time to get creative. You can get away with a late Christmas or birthday gift, but flowers received the Monday after Valentine’s Day will not feel the same. Nobody wants to be an afterthought.  It might be best to stick to one of the Top 4 Gifts.

Top 4 Valentine Gifts

If you believed your significant other she said she did not want you to get her anything, your best bet is to come home with something.  After all, 14% of women admit to sending themselves flowers. This number is surprisingly high, especially given that we all know some are doing it, but not admitting it.

Now that the numbers have convinced you it is best for your relationship to join the mad rush for Valentine’s Day, remember that those who are working hard to make your Valentine’s wishes come true are swamped. There will be a wait at the restaurant to get a table and the kitchen will likely be backed up. If you spend the time complaining about it, your Valentine will not feel special.

Instead, relax and remember this is about spending time together, not getting the fastest service and speed eating just so you can get this charade over. Have a drink and a conversation. Your Valentine probably will not remember what they had to eat years from now, but they will remember if you treated them as if they were the only person on Earth who matters. The last thing you want is for them to remember the night because you were a jackass to the hostess, berated the waiter, and said nothing to them unless it was a complaint about being there.


Thanks to Statistic Brain for providing the numbers.

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