Do You Know What A Yellow Ribbon Tied On A Dog’s Collar Means?


Courtesy of AniCareVets and The I Love Dogs Site

Sometimes a piece of information comes along that is outside of your box, but is so important that you must absolutely without fail share it. Such is the case today! Sentient Observer loves children and animals. We believe in protecting both by recognizing their natural instincts and giving them the space to be the individuals they were created to be.

It is obvious to most of us that children come in all shapes, sizes, and mentalities. Some are terrified of dogs, while others want to run right up to every dog they see. As parents we want to protect them. This can be difficult when dealing with a strange dog. We just do not know what to expect.

Dogs also come in all shapes, sizes, and mentalities. Though dogs are known as man’s best friend, we cannot realistically expect that every dog wants to greet your child. Various breeds are innately designed to serve in a myriad of capacities on this earth. Some of those jobs are not conducive with playing with children. This does not mean it is a bad dog. It just simply means that you would not call a mortician to babysit your kid, so you should not expect a dog meant for herding to play with your child and do as the child says.

With all of that being said, there is an initiative called The Yellow Dog Project. This project wants to spread the word that placing a yellow ribbon on your dog’s collar indicates to others that your dog should not be directly approached by children. As parents, we should teach this concept to our children, so they know this even when we are not around.

We discovered this awesome program on The I Love Dogs Site. We encourage to check out this site to get more information on The Yellow Dog Project, plus so much more. If you love dogs, you will love this website.

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