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As discussed in my previous article, handmade gifts offer us the opportunity to find a gift that really stands out and speaks to the heart of the receiver. A handmade gift can be the answer when we are struggling to find the perfect gift at the mall. Etsy is a wonderful alternative to the traditional mall or holiday craft fair. It offers the opportunity to shop some of the world’s finest artists in the comfort of our own home.

However, In order to get the perfect handmade gift it is important to shop early. While most handcrafters have items on display, they are willing to make gifts to order if given sufficient time. The added benefit to shopping early is that you get gift buying out of the way before Thanksgiving. This allows Thanksgiving to be Thanksgiving and gives you more freedom to enjoy the time leading up to Christmas.

Etsy is a great place to find beautifully handcrafted gifts from around the world. I searched the Etsy site to find some pretty awesome suggestions fairly close to home. I decided to stick to artists located in the United States and Canada, as this would ensure plenty of time for shipping. It is still early, so you still have a good chance of receiving items from other countries in time, but customs can be slower during the holiday months. Each of the artists chosen provides quality products and has been given a five star rating by their customers.

Little Goodall
McKinney, TX
Animal Coats for Kids and Adults
Many coats were currently available, but some require pre-order.

Fox Coat LittleGoodallGrey Wolf Coat LittleGoodall


Rowdy Raccoon Coat LittleGoodall


Peachy Keen Day
Atlanta, GA
Recipe Boxes/Binders, Phone Wedges, Lap Desk, Scarves and Headbands
There is a wide variety of styles to suit every taste.

Recipe Binder PeachyKeenDayRecipe Box PeachyKeenDay


Lap Desk PeachyKeenDay


M Stevenson Designs
East Coast, US
Resin Filigree Lockets
A wide selection of colors and designs are available.

Blue Resin Filigree Locket MStevensonDesignsPurple Heart Resin Filigree Locket MStevensonDesigns


Holiday Resin Filigree Locket MStevensonDesigns


Second Shot
Orangeville, ON, Canada
Items Made From Recycled Skateboards
A great selection of unique items for men are available.

Recycled Skateboard Watch SecondShotRecycled Skateboard Art Knife SecondShot


Recycled Skateboard Bracelet SecondShot


Cotopaxi, CO
Stained Glass Clocks, Night Lights, and Pottery
An eclectic assortment of gorgeous clocks and pottery that make a perfect home décor gift.

Stained Glass Mantle Clock EclectiumStained Glass Desk Clock Eclectium


Butterfly Pottery Dish Eclectium


These are just a few of the artist found on Etsy. Whether you are looking for home décor, accessories, clothing, or jewelry, you are likely to find the perfect handmade gift. Many Etsy artisans surpass our expectations for quality and customer service when looking for the perfect handmade gift.

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    Another great handcrafted gift ideas for kids would be doll houses! Think of it, whether if it’s a girl or boy, wouldn’t you want them to see that they are happily playing with a little house? By the way, doll houses are very popular as toys for children. As they’re fun to decorate, it’s not only kids who are fond of playing with their wooden dolls house! Even adults purchase these toy houses as part of their miniature collection! Trust me, I have one too at my house. With numerous colourful and stylish doll house furniture items, it can’t be that hard to pick which of which will match your house now can it?

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